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Donate what you can!

All shares for this week have already been reserved. Thank you for your interest. Please donate what you can so we can continue to meet this basic need of people in our community.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

All shares are SOLD OUT for the next farm stand, April 4th. You can donate here to support the countless, everyday people who are wondering how to manage with reduced incomes and empty grocery store shelves.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents extra food-access challenges for a lot of people in St. Louis. As this crisis unfolds, we at EarthDance find ourselves working to respond in a variety of ways and as safely as possible. With the help of supporters like you EarthDance is . . .

...continuing to grow food! Thankfully, our crops haven’t stopped and that means we haven't either. We have closed the farm to the public for now, including tour groups and volunteers, and our team is pulling together to bring in the harvest and plant for many more harvests to come.

...offering a Pay-What-You-Can Drive Thru Farm Stand. If you’re struggling financially or have limited access to fresh food, reserve a share of vegetables from our farm and pay whatever you can while supplies last. If you are able to do so, please pay a little more so that we may continue to meet this basic need of people in our community.

...sharing the harvest with people and organizations who are on the frontlines of feeding the most vulnerable in the St. Louis community, including Mama Cat and the PotBangerz and the Restorative Justice Movement Center. PotBangerz is a family of community leaders who regularly prepare and share food with unhoused families in the St. Louis region. The Restorative Justice Movement Center serves individuals and families in the Ville community, specifically those who have been affected by drug abuse, trauma, and crime.

...sharing the harvest with students and their families who depend on free school lunches. With our local Ferguson-Florissant School District closed, we reached out to see how we could continue helping them get healthy meals to the kids. The District is preparing bag lunches and making them available at 200+ school bus stops so that families don't have to worry about transportation. And we’ll be joining them, offering bags of spinach at several pick-up points so that the families can still access nutritious, fresh vegetables.

With open hearts, clean hands, and food to share - from ALL of us at EarthDance, thank you.